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Good morning, my dear!

Good morning, my dear! Today we will discover the concept of Vedic numerology.
#Vedic #numerology is the science of #numbers. This is an ancient knowledge, a science that surprises with its accuracy.
Vedic numerology is the key to understanding #astrol
ogy. Unlike the latter, it is more simple and clear for study. It is able to reveal the character of a person, to show his strengths and weaknesses, to give advice on partnerships and help to choose the most successful dates for what you would like to start.
When we count the person, the basic for the Vedic numerologist are only 3 numbers.
The NUMBER OF THE #SOUL is most accurately describes the person's personality. This number shows the character of a person and his communication with the outside world. By the number of the soul numerologist watch the #COMPATIBILITY OF PARTNERS and determine the type of occupation. This is a very simple way to extract information about a person, it does not require complex calculations. However, the peculiarity of Vedic numerology is the time of the onset of a new day. More precisely, a new day begins only at sunrise. This causes confusion and some difficulties in interpreting.
The #NUMBER OF #DESTINY is the indicator of #karmic debts and the tasks of the person's #incarnation. This is the most important number that can not be changed. The number of the name is subject to change. Depending on the environment of a person, the form of a name changes. Accordingly, the number of the name and the planet changes. The character of a person remains unchanged. The individual, as it were, changes social masks, gives the will of a certain facet of his personality.
I wish you new, interesting knowledges and a good day!.
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